Friday, October 30, 2009


Sucat rode Captain Kennard horse back to his keep. The ride was not a comfortable one. Captain Kennard’s horse was big, bigger than any horse Sucat usually rode. He almost fell from the beast three times but he held on to the horses black mane with both hands and gripped the horse’s sides with his knees. The man Captain Kennard had sent to escort him home was a man whose name Sucat did not know and it would be a name that no one else would need to know. The man was useless. He rode ahead of Sucat and never looked back, not even when Sucat called out in alarm the times he almost fell from Captain Kennard’s horse.

Sucat thought it might be time to do some cleaning out of his troops. They needed a new lesson on who was in charge. He would begin with this man ahead of him whatever his name was.

He would do something about Captain Kennard, too. He always told his father that it was not smart to give him a position of any kind of power, but Captain Kennard was Sucat’s oldest brother, Franck’s first born son and he had been so excited with his first that he treated him better than the other children. Sucat also thought that Franck had wished that Kennard had been a legitimate son. He was big and strong and he looked like their father. He was good at so many things, like riding and hunting and shooting and sword play. Sucat hated him and he was sure that Kennard hated him too even though he never did anything to show it because Kennard was very smart too.

While he lived, their father, Franck, had given Captain Kennard many gifts and he had done it publically so that Sucat could not take them away when Franck died. The horse Sucat was on now was one of those gifts. The horse was one of the war horses breed by his wife’s father. Franck had also given Captain Kennard his sword and knives, all of very good quality that a man like Captain Kennard would not normally be able to afford for himself. Their father had also given Captain Kennard a solid gold torque and Sucat really wanted it but Sucat had not been able to find a way to get it from Captain Kennard. And until now, Captain Kennard was too valuable to have killed but Sucat felt that his useful was coming to an end.

Sucat was also sure that Captain Kennard was stealing from him too but Captain Kennard was too smart for Sucat to catch him. He ways fairly certain that his kitchen staff gave Captain Kennard extra food. He was very well feed and healthy. Captain Kennard did not do much drinking and Sucat never heard that he used and abused the wenches even though Sucat knew that many women wanted the Captain. Sucat could tell from the way the women followed the Captain with their eyes and by the way they smiled at him when he looked at them but Sucat never heard that Captain Kennard was ever with any of the women of the keep. That certainly was not a behavior he inherited from their father.

Sucat hated Captain Kennard for so many reasons. Captain Kennard had thick wavy black hair and dark grey eyes. He was tall and strong and he still had all of his teeth. Sucat’s hair was already thinning and it was a mousy brown that sort of just lay on his skull. His eyes were the same dull color brown as his hair. He was short and thin with narrow shoulders. He looked just like his mother, who Franck hated. The only thing that Sucat liked about the way he looked was that so many people underestimated him because of the way he looked. He liked taking people by surprise. Many people were shocked when they found themselves caught in some web he wove.

Sucat and his escort rode in to the yard of Sucat’s hall. His guide did not wait for a word from Sucat. He just rode off to the stables. Sucat would definitely make the disrespectful bastard pay for his treatment of Sucat. But that pleasure would come later when he had more leisure.

For now his pride was soothed when Jyll came out of the hall and called for people to take care of Sucat’s needs. Looking at Jyll always made him feel better. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen with long curly black hair, darker even than his wife’s hair. She had dark blue eyes that looked black when she was aroused and wanted him. She had large soft breasts and wide luscious hips and thighs that held him tight when he was inside her. He was getting hard just thinking about her and by the way she was looking at him he thought she could tell that he wanted her.

She called for women to fill a bath for him. She called for men to help him from his horse and take it to the stables. She called for others to prepare him food and drink. She came up to him and she smiled as he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him so he could feel her breasts pressed against his chest.

She took his hand and led him into the hall. They passed by his guests sitting in his hall. He did not think about them as Jyll pulled him into the bathing room next to the kitchens. He was so excited by her that he almost came before she got his clothes off but she knew of ways to hold him to prolong the ending. She pulled his shirt off then kissed him. Women came in to the room with buckets of hot water. They ignored Jyll and Sucat. One of the things Sucat like best about Jyll was that she liked having sex with him whiles others tried not to watch. She set up many situations where they would be watched.

She pulled Sucat’s leggings off of him. She pulled him over to a table, pulled up her skirts and leaned over the table, her bare ass open for his enjoyment. He moved up behind her and slammed himself into her. She laughed and called out his name. He pounded into her over and over again. She called for him to do it harder. He screamed out as he came and he fell over her back when he was done. She did not move until he got up off of her. She smoothed down her skirts. She had a very satisfied smile on her face.

Jyll helped Sucat into the tub which was now filled with hot water and herbs. The tub was so full that several people must have come and gone during the time he was screwing Jyll. He would have to see if there was not some way he could keep her around for awhile. She was a difficult one to handle. She had the ego and attitude of her father the Grand Duke but she was a bastard after all and she had her father’s urges too which made her fun but dangerous. It was said that the Grand Duke was losing his mind from the pox disease. He took his relief on any woman or man that took his fancy.

Jyll brought a small table over near the bathing tub. On it she placed some fresh bread with sweet butter and fruit compote melting on the top. There was also warm roast mutton, his favorite meat and a large pitcher of chilled ale. She brought over a stool and sat. She hand fed Sucat small bits of each food. She poured him a cup of ale and held it too his lips so he could drink.

She waited until he said he was full. Then she took away the food and drink. She came back and began washing him. She did not worry about getting wet. Her tunic stuck to her breasts outlining her large jutting nipples. Sucat reached up and pulled her breasts out of her top and sucked on each one in turn. While he worked her nipples Jyll washed Sucat’s back, his neck, behind his ears and under his arms. She bent down and cleaned between his legs. He was hard again. She stood up, took off her clothes and climbed into the tub with him. They spent another hour at sex play. When he was clean inside and out, they dried off and dressed.

Sucat went into his hall to see who was still around, eating his food and drinking his ale and wine. Jyll had the bathing room cleaned and put to order. She put on dry clothes and went out into the hall to see if Sucat would need her for anything. She found him sitting at the head of his table. She went to sit at his right hand but he moved the bench so that she could not sit. He looked at her and shook his head in the negative. She blushed in anger but held her temper in check and left the room. She took her anger out on a young scullery maid who did not move out of her way fast enough as she Jyll went into Sucat’s bed chamber to ready it for the night. Somehow she would make him pay for these slights he visited upon her.

Sucat had seen how angry he had made Jyll by not allowing her to sit next to him in the hall but he could not allow such a public show of equality. He could not allow a bastard, regardless of how highly born or beautiful she might be. Sucat was not royalty and could not afford to acknowledge Jyll for anything more than what she was to him, a wench to be used as he saw fit. He would need to find a way to make it up to her though because she was more than useful and he still needed her for many things. He would show her a more private form of esteem. Right now he needed to put on a show for his father-in-law and other guests. He wanted to send them all home now but he had to keep them around a while longer.

Sucat would play the happy easy going host until Hyd and Ranee were brought back. Once this business was done he could get these men out of his hall and life could get back to normal only better. Maybe his father-in-law could have an accident before his guests all left. Now would not that be wonderful.

The evening supper was now being served. Jyll had come back down from his bed chamber her usual smile upon her face but Sucat was not fooled by that smile. He could tell she was still unhappy by the way she ordered his staff around. She even smacked several of them for small errors that only she could see. Sucat did not say anything to her or correct her in any way. He did not mind if Jyll abused any of the women. He actually liked watching her when she hit others. It was one of their little games that they liked to play.

Sucat ate his fill and drank to quench his thirst but he did not take too much food or drink. He needed to keep his head for a while longer and he had feelings to mend. He stood when he was done. He said his good nights to his father-in-law and his other guests. He called for Jyll to come join him. She looked up at him in surprise but she came over to him when he signaled for her to join him. He took her hand and they went up to his bed chamber to the sound of laughter and bawdy jokes. He did not mind. He would allow Jyll to spend the entire night with him in his bed. He had never allowed her to stay before. She would see it as a sign of his regard. The men below would only think he was getting a night of play. This was a good way for Jyll to be happy again.

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weirsdo said...

Perhaps Jyll's father has bequeathed a gift that keeps on giving to her.